Car Alarms & Remote Starts

Mobile Dynamics of Bradenton, Florida Offers Professional Car Alarms and Remote Start Installations.

Advanced Protection Against Vehicle Intrusion

Vehicle manufacturers have done a good job over the last decade making vehicles harder to steal with the introduction of smart key fobs and ignition immobilizers, but this technology does nothing to prevent vehicle intrusion. Unfortunately, vehicle break-ins are on the rise and the standard factory alarm included with most vehicles isn’t sufficient. One of the most common occurring crimes here in Manatee County is vehicle burglaries and thefts.

Typical factory car alarms come with keyless entry controlled by a standard key fob with about a 40’ range. When the vehicle is locked, your vehicle will monitor your doors – so if a door is opened, the alarm will be triggered. When the alarm is triggered, the ‘alarm’ is simply the vehicles horn.

Discover the Benefits of Compustar PRO Systems

Mobile Dynamics is a Compustar PRO dealer offering some of the best rated aftermarket security systems. Compustar alarms go above and beyond the standard factory alarm by offering these additional features (which will vary by system):

  • Advanced Keyless Entry – remote fobs that provide superior range, starting at 1000 feet all the way up to 3-miles.
  • Impact Detection – dual-stage shock sensors will detect two levels of impact – both of which provide unique warning chirps from the alarm siren.
  • Theft-Deterrent LED – while your system is armed and doors are locked, an LED will blink a bright blue light – signaling to car thieves that your vehicle is protected by an alarm.
  • Starter-Kill – while your system is armed, this will safely disable your vehicle’s starter until you disarm your system from the remote.
  • Tilt Sensor – Compustar offers a DAS 3-in-1 security sensor. It has a built-in tilt sensor that calibrates every time you lock and arm your vehicle. If the DAS detects 1-2º tilt in any direction, the alarm siren will sound. This will alert you if you vehicle is being towed or a thief is trying to steal your wheels.
  • 2-Way Alerts – one of the most valuable features of Compustar alarms is the 2 way communication offered on their premium systems. 2-Way communication means the vehicle will also communicate information back to the remote. If you are out of ear shot of the vehicle, and the alarm is triggered, the remote will also alert you to the trigger. It also communicates real time information like door lock status.
  • Alarm Siren – unlike a factory system that simply beeps the horn, we can add a siren to the vehicle that will deter any potential thief with an ear piercing sound.
  • Drone Mobile – a drone mobile system can be added to any Compustar alarm which allows smartphone control, communication and tracking with your vehicle. This not only gives unlimited range but will monitor the alarm and send alerts to your phone. This feature does require a subscription with Drone Mobile
  • Keyless touchpad – a keyless touchpad can be added to the vehicle that will allow arming or disarming of the system without the key fob. Simply set a master pin to activate.
  • Remote start – a remote start can be added for those hot Florida summers. You can start your vehicle ahead of time and cool down the entire vehicle within 5 minutes.


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