Sound Deadening

Mobile Dynamics of Bradenton, Florida Offers Professional Sound Deadening Installation Services.

Expert Car Soundproofing Services

Have you ever spent 20 minutes on the freeway and as soon as you get off an exit and come to a stop, you turn your radio down? This is because road noise, engine noise, or wind noise can make a big difference in the audio quality in your vehicle. We tend to crank the music louder to overcome all the other noise in the vehicle. Imagine that same 20 minutes on the freeway in a Jeep Wrangler.

Now in a Mercedes GLE SUV. Without throwing a bunch of sound experiments here, I’m sure you can image that listening to your favorite Journey album would be a much more enjoyable in the Mercedes and this is due to reduced cabin noise.

This is an extreme example, but sound damping kits can make a big difference in how audio sounds in the vehicle. Road noise, vibrations or annoying squeaks and rattles can make it hard to hear hands-free calls and diminish the performance of your audio system. Sound damping can be added to doors, floors, firewalls, roofs or trunk lids. Sound deadening kits typically come in sheets with an aluminum front and adhesive backing and are approximately 0.1” thick (on average). If you are already replacing door speakers in your vehicle, even adding a small speaker kit around the new speakers can make the sound cleaner. We have an excellent display in our showroom to further demonstrate how sound dampening works.

An unrecognizable woman starting a podcast on her smartphone while driving a car.


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