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Reasons to Replace Factory Radio

There are many reasons to replace the factory radio in your vehicle even if it’s working just fine. One of the most common reasons is to expand options and other functionality such as:

  • Digital media playback, including high-res music files
  • Android and iPhone support, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • SiriusXM satellite radio
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • GPS navigation
  • Support for Pandora, Spotify, and other app-related sources
  • Larger touch screen display

Superiority of Aftermarket Radios

In addition to functionality, aftermarket radios have superior built-in power and better circuit design which means it isn’t just louder than the typical factory stereo, it also produces cleaner, richer, more-detailed sound. Enhanced tone controls mean that you can fine tune the music; especially if you want to add an external amplifier.

How to Choose the Right Radio

If you have made the decision to replace your factory radio, how do you choose from the thousands of options on the market today? We can help you narrow down your search for the perfect radio by answering some key questions.



What media sources to you use to listen to music?

Music on your phone

  • Good – if the radio has an Aux in you can connect the headphone jack on the phone to the stereo (although most newer phones do not have a basic aux headphone jack anymore)
  • Better – a radio that has Bluetooth streaming capabilities will allow wireless connection
  • Best – radios that offer Android Auto or Apple CarPlay will not only stream the audio but also allow control of apps right from the screen of the radio.

Thumb drives

Look for a radio with a USB input so you can have a ready-to-go library of music in your car all of the time, loaded onto a thumb drive or other type of mass storage device.


If you are still holding on to your CD collection, make sure to choose a CD or DVD receiver. Digital media or multimedia receivers do not have CD/DVD players included.

Pandora or Spotify

Many aftermarket radios let you control Pandora or Spotify when connected to your phone.


If you want to add satellite radio to your new car stereo, make sure the stereo you choose is “satellite radio-ready.” That means it can control an optional hideaway satellite radio tuner. If you already listen via the phone app or have a portable satellite radio, then your new stereo just needs an auxiliary input or Bluetooth.


Once you have the media sources narrowed down, review some of the non-music functions that are available:

  • Bluetooth:
    With ‘hands free laws’ becoming more common, it’s a good idea to ensure your new radio has Bluetooth connectivity.
  • GPS Navigation:
    Stereos with built in navigation will help you find your way; however, if your new stereo has Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, a built in GPS is not necessary. You can use the map/guidance already on your phone.

Expandability Features in Aftermarket Radios

Another great reason to replace that factory radio is expandability to build a great audio system in your vehicle (think of the radio as the basement of a great house). In particular, preamp outputs let you connect external amplifiers to power your speakers or a subwoofer. The number of outputs can vary, but you should have at least one set. Output voltage typically ranges from 2 to 5 volts. The higher that voltage rating, the cleaner the signal sent to your amp. If you know you will be adding a subwoofer, look for a model with a dedicated subwoofer output — this will allow you to adjust the subwoofer volume independently, rather than using the bass control.

OEM Integration Services

Mobile Dynamics of Bradenton, Florida offers professional OEM integrated installation services.
Newer vehicles today are coming standard with more integrated factory equipment – even decent sized screens.  Gone are the days of the standard rectangular radios we had in our 1990 Ford Escorts.  With our selection of OEM integration modules, we can enhance your vehicle’s factory system without replacing anything in the dash – add audio systems, navigation, backup/ dash cameras, satellite radio, USB inputs, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Digital Signal Processors, aftermarket amps and even remote starts.



Whatever your reason to buy a new radio for your vehicle, we can help you find the perfect solution. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of car stereo installation and OEM Integration. We take pride in the quality of their work. Call us at (941) 567-6525 or contact us to make an appointment today!