Digital Signal Processor Installation

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Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Audio System with Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

Digital Signal Processors are an often-overlooked addition to a new audio system. Imagine watching Jurassic Park on a 65” TV with a new sound bar. Even with a great TV and the best sound bar, it’s never quite as good as watching it in a movie theater with surround sound, seat rumbling from the sounds of the T-Rex and a bag of popcorn in your lap.

Adding a DSP to your system gives us the ability to fine-tune the frequency response of the system so that the new speakers can produce an amazingly accurate and lifelike listening experience – like sitting in the movie theater (minus the popcorn). The equalizer in the DSP is like tone control on steroids and the crossover features ensure that the correct frequencies are going to the correct speakers.

An unrecognizable woman starting a podcast on her smartphone while driving a car.

Bass Restoration and Time Alignment

Some DSPs even offer a bass restoration circuit. If you are retaining your factory stereo, some factory stereos are programmed to block the bass signal (to protect the cheap original factory speakers). These select DSPs will generate that bass note that is missing from the output of the factory radio.

The coolest thing that DSPs can provide is called time alignment. All the speakers in your vehicle are at a different distance from your ears. The sound from the closest speakers will be heard sooner than the speakers in the back seat – this means the soundstage is off-balance. Time alignment will correct this by delaying the sound of the speakers closest to you and make the sound from each speaker arrive at your ears at the same time.


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