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Elevate Your Infotainment Experience

If you are shopping for an aftermarket radio, you have probably seen Apple CarPlay® or Android™ Auto quite a few times. Wondering what it offers? Allow us to share—it’s heralded as the greatest addition to car radios since the CD player. And, if you possess a compatible phone , it becomes a ‘must-have’ feature.

This technology is a convenient way to access your calling, music, mapping and message applications through your radio.  The apps are controlled by a touch screen just like on your phone, and some functions can be controlled via voice commands keeping you ‘hands free’ while driving.  In addition to music, there are many apps available to listen to news, sports, podcasts and more (like Audible, MLB, or NPR).

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Enhancing Factory Radios with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is a great way to get the best features of your phone working in your car while keeping your hands off your phone while driving. Any iPhone® 5 or later with at least iOS 7.1 is compatible with Apple CarPlay. An Android phone running Android 8.0 and up with a data plan is compatible with Android Auto.

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If you are unable to replace the factory radio in your vehicle (or simply don’t want to), chances are we can still add Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to your existing factory radio.

We carry several brands that offer OEM integration products to use your existing factory radio:


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