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About Your Premier Destination for Personalized Mobile Electronics

Mobile Dynamics was founded in 2021 by partners Shawn Leap and Jessica Pace with a vision to create a boutique shopping experience in the mobile electronics world.

Mobile Dynamics is an alternative to ‘big box’ retail where we make the shopping process as easy as possible and take the time to explain the various technologies that we offer. There is no high pressure sales staff and we only carry brands that we would install in our own vehicles.




Shawn has been working in the mobile electronics field for over 20 years and relocated to Florida from New Hampshire in 2020. He has experience working on just about everything from exotic imports, RV’s, classic cars, Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, and boats of all sizes. He is incredibly talented and always eager to learn more about the industry. If you ever come by the shop, you will likely hear him singing whatever song is currently playing in the install bay. Seriously, he sings constantly.


Jessica worked as a mechanic in her 20’s and worked in the install bay at Best Buy in New Hampshire which is where she met Shawn. She went on to get her accounting degree and MBA and worked for L3 as a senior accountant. She is now a CFO of a local manufacturing company in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. She is referred to as the ‘money lady’ at Mobile Dynamics making sure that the IRS leaves Shawn alone.


Demetrius joined the Mobile Dynamics team in June 2023. He has over 20 years of experience and relocated to Florida from Delaware. We were incredibly lucky to find someone with crazy talent and the same values.

Giving Back to the Community

Mobile Dynamics is also passionate about giving back to the community we serve. Here are some of the local charities that we support: