2021 Audi A6 Allroad

Customer issues/requests

  • New to Florida and concerned about crazy drivers.  Also a big fan of ‘dash cam’ videos.
  • New vehicle is much faster than previous vehicle and wants to avoid expensive speeding tickets

Equipment installed

  • Momento M6 Wi-Fi HD Dual Dash Camera
    • MD-6200 includes front and rear camera, GPS antenna and 32GB micro-SD memory card
  • Radenso RC M Hidden Radar Detector
    • Extreme Radar Detection Range
    • Front and Rear Arrows
    • Removable Magnetic OLED display
    • All radar and laser alerts on a single display
    • Waterproof radar antennas
    • GPS lockouts for stationary false alerts
    • Red Light & Speed Camera alerts
    • Low Speed GPS auto-muting (automatically mutes based on speed)
    • Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) false alert filtering
    • Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) false filter for traffic sensors
    • Voice alerts with 260 different messages
    • Updatable firmware and camera database with free lifetime updates
    • Stealth to radar detector detectors (VG2 / Spectre Elite) (10+ feet)
    • Display Modes: Bright, Dim, Smart Dark (small dot scrolls across the display until an alert), Dark (display is dark until an alert)